Trying is Believing Testing Step


Step 1:
Compare your both palm


Step 2:
Check you Finger lenght without BetterMan


Step 3:
Place your palm on BetterMan BetterMan for 5 minutes


Step 4:
Compare your palm again


Step 5: You will notice your finger become bigger and longger after 5 minutes 


Betterman安全套的充血功能会促进阴茎动脉扩大,促使更多的血液流向阴茎海绵体。阴茎拥有足够的血液才能够达到并保持勃起的丰满度,以维持勃起的最佳质量。  BetterMan仅需在5分钟的时间里,就能有效供应更多的血液到阴茎海绵体和主要动脉。达到最佳勃起状态。 它有助于打开这些动脉和创造大量的血液流入阴茎海绵体, 这将加強阴茎勃起的硬度和耐力。 最终的结果是你的性生活会比以往任何时候都更令人满意。随着男性的年龄增长,他们会经历勃起功能衰退的阶段。一般来说,勃起的质量和丰满度可以随着年龄增长而减少。特别是吸烟,营养不良和缺乏锻炼的群体。 

How Does Betterman Energized Condom Works

Betterman energized condom will aroused the arteries in the penis widen to allow more blood flow in. The blood fills the cylinders inside the penis called the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongisum. Blood must be able to reach and remain in the erectile tissues to maintain erection quality. It only take 5 minutes time, the arteries which supply blood to Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongisum. This results in being able to produce or maintain an erection. Betterman energized condom helps to open these arteries and create massive blood flow into the penis. This creates massively hard erections and promotes extreme stamina. The final result is your sex life will be more satisfying than ever. As men age, they may go through stages of erectile function. Generally speaking, quality and fullness of erections can decrease over time. Some causes for this are smoking, poor nutrition, and a lack of exercise. Below is a diagram of the inner view of a man's penis. You will see how the arteries close up to prevent blood flow into the penis cylinders which create the erection

有效清除阻塞而增加 动脉充血量,恢复阴茎 勃起功能。
BetterMan Energized Condom by opening up the arteries and increasing the flow of blood to the penis.

右上阴茎的内视图。您将看到动脉关闭后 防止血液流入阴茎动脉而影响勃起功能能。 The Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongisum vascular tissue bodies fill with blood during an erection.

Field-test Demonstration Result 

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